13th Birthday of the Logistics Leader – “Alir Express”

TradeMaster.UA reports: Alir Express company, one of transport logistics leaders in Ukraine, is celebrating its thirteenth birthday on Thursday, November 1.

PE “Alir Express” is a company, which provides transport forwarding and cargo transportation by various types of transport. Company’s strong position on the market is confirmed by numerous awards, in particular: “Enterprise of the Year – 2012”, “Enterprises of the Region – 2012” in International Economic Rating “League of the Best” and the same award in 2016, as well as “Choice of Ukraine – 2018”. Company provides transportation of cargo in more than 65 countries around the world, among them are: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, France and many others. International experience of carrier is very useful component in development of Ukrainian logistics. Therefore, “Alir Express” can be called conductor of progressive democratic ideas to the corresponding domestic sector of economy. Founder and director of company, Irina Boyko, in an interview to TradeMaster.UA, noted that one of the most significant achievements of Alir Express is long-term productive cooperation with its clients.


Some business partners have been working with company since beginning of its foundation – 2005. Today, such phenomenon is not often met.

And this is a merit not only of company reputation, but of cohesive work of all employees and competent manager mentoring, who create favorable image of company. Stable cooperation is truly a significant achievement. And, despite the fact that society requires dynamic development from any company, the constancy is very appropriate in establishing cooperation. After all, success is determined, roughly speaking, not in the “number of partnerships”, but in their quality. Another important advantage of the forwarding company is maximum legal and financial responsibility for their activities, that is, for cargo transportation. Client can be sure that item of transportation will arrive safe and sound, and in case of force majeure or an incident, company will reimburse all losses according to reliable liability insurance system. And to be confident in present day, in safety, in guarantees worth a lot. “Alir Express” is the best solution if you need speed and quality assurance of obligations fulfillment by transport company.