Transportation Dynasty “Alir Express”

Freight forwarding company “ALIR EXPRESS” is the holder of national certificate “Choice of Ukraine 2018” according to official data of state statistical bodies. Director and owner, Irina Boyko, was awarded “Manager of the Year” awards for effective management of advanced enterprise in Ukraine and “Cross of Honor” for professional management of enterprise, as well as “Golden Hands 2018” award.

“My whole life is connected with transport and transportation. Logistics always gives me new challenges, I am always looking for solutions to optimize and improve the quality of work. I love my job and it brings me pleasure ”- comments Irina. Irina Boyko is an example of a person who clearly understands and achieves her goals. At first, diploma with honors in specialty “Operation of motor transport”, then diploma “Engineer – constructor of cars and tractors.” Irina received first category “C” car license – trucks, being a student at the age of 18, and passed her license on GAZ-53 truck. How many students have you met with this category? Thanks to clear understanding of her goal and well-chosen education, being very young girl, she knew she was under the hood of a truck from beginning, understood how to build successful logistics and what Ukrainian transportation lacks. Irina had in her arsenal all the necessary elements for building a great transport dynasty. Career began from ordinary specialist – ATP dispatcher. “I have always liked to develop. I had a huge flow of energy, which I put exclusively into my work. ” Next position was – the head of operation department. Irina realized that it was time to expand her field of activity working at this position. Сapital opened the door for ambitious and confident person in 2002. “I went to Kiev with naive baggage of expectations! I imagined how job offers would pour in and I would immediately be able to carry out everything I had planned. And what do you think? The capital was waiting for me. ” Irina remembers how she was interviewed in capital: – “Everyone hired me and I was optimistic.” And this breathed into her even greater faith in her strength. Her further journey began under the motto “through hardships to the stars”. Working during day, learning new things at night. After all, while you sleep, someone develops and becomes better than you. Hard work was able to lay the foundation of ALIR EXPRESS forwarding company, founded in 2005 by Irina Boyko. Company provided forwarding services both domestically and internationally. There are no restrictions on transportation (especially if there is a necessary resource and conditions for each product) in “ALIR EXPRESS”. Italy and France trust the company with their alcohol, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – with seafood. Logistics also apply to construction and finishing materials, equipment, metals and even medicines, supplying food to large supermarkets. It is not excluded that goods at your home were carefully delivered by “ALIR EXPRESS”. “Very big indicator of level of trust, for me, is the fact that clients who started working with us back in 2005 are still working. For 12 years of existence of transport forwarding company “ALIR EXPRESS” we have not given any reason to doubt ourselves. Almost all our work is based solely on trust. We are recommended to others, and this is another valuable achievement. ” Irina jokes: “We have known our clients for so long that conversations about work are often finish with conversations about“ personal ”. Sufficiently high level of trust in company and undeniable positioning, as well as high-quality logistics services, allows ALIR EXPRESS not to spend money on advertising. They do not have inviting billboards, moreover, not even a website. Their advertising is a huge number of positive recommendations on Internet. This is the real face of ALIR EXPRESS. Irina Boyko reveals her secret of such high performance: “We work for client. Therefore, the first thing our company does is insure cargo. Further, we determine the most convenient transport for transportation, and we carry out high-quality forwarding of trusted cargo. We calculate all the difficulties customer may face. And prevent them in advance by “offering” transportation with high-quality and timely performance of our duties, delivering “from door to door”. Applying for services to “ALIR EXPRESS”, customer can be sure that all his wishes will be heard. We have reliable partners in field of legal protection and brokerage services. ” Of course, success of company directly depends on team. It is interesting that only women work in “ALIR EXPRESS”. Leader notes that 12 years of working experience have shown that the female team is much more effective. “Women are more responsible, they value their work. The result is high return, high-quality and long-term cooperation”. “When you put 200% of your efforts to get the job done and after that you like it, then it is YOUR job.” Irina is proud of her team of TOP managers. ALIR EXPRESS has long been something more than just work. This is a real family business. “We value our clients and contribute to their prosperity. We care about our clients. Your prosperity is our success!” – this is credo of “ALIR EXPRESS” company.