How To Create a Successful Logistics Company – Recipe From Alir Express

Director of logistics company “Alir Express” Irina Boyko shares her unique experience in the competitive and complex freight market. In fact, logistics was originally a purely military term. Logistics functions included timely supply of army with necessary equipment and supplies during the war. But since 1950s, consumption has grown, supply chains have become increasingly complex, and this has given effect to the development of logistics as we understand it today. Coordination of cargo movement in our time is a globalized process. Today, business sector uses logistics to efficiently transport and store goods from point of production to point of consumption. And logistics companies are a vital part of this process.

All of abovewritten should convince us that logistics is purely masculine business, and women – delicate and emotional beings – have no place in this tough business. However, Irina Boyko completely broke this assumption, and has been proving that women can not only successfully work in field of logistics for the last 14 years, but also lead large international company, and even more a company where only girls work! Surprisingly, but perhaps different approach to management, different from authoritarian male one, that is a key to success of Alir Express. Irina has created a family atmosphere in her company, in which each employee and each client is treated like a loved one. “Perhaps the main thing in our work is harmony in team,” says Irina. Productive working process is possible only in company, where people feel comfortable and good. Such atmosphere greatly motivates our employees, our managers are passionate to their work, and best confirmation of correctness of this approach is the good feedback from customers and carriers – it’s worth a lot. ” Irina Boyko is not like established stereotype of head of international company, who is imperious and distanced from the team. Employees of “Alir Express” feel like a big friendly family, which is included not only in work, but in participation and human relations. “I treat each employee like a close person,” says Irina. – I am aware of his home business, we all take part if someone has difficulties and needs help, or support. For example, recently one of our employee bore a daughter – we were all worried and happy, congratulated her. We live the life of every employee. ”

Since 2005, when Alir Express started working in logistics market, principle of staff selection has also changed. Irina does not connect to services of HR specialists and is looking for staff by herself. Apparently, such a non-standard approach also leads to the successful operation of enterprise. “I am engaged in hiring employees personally. I make selection, then preliminary communication, meetings, – Irina Boyko explains. – In the first years of work, I gave preference to employees without work experience – it is easier to teach people from start to principles of logistics, my principles, my vision.  And with right approach, an absolutely unexperienced person turns into a good manager in six months. Recently, I have changed my recruitment strategy a little. Still, you need to pay attention to the difference in mentality, character of generations. Now the most active part of people in labor market is generation Z and generation Y, and owners of companies are often generation X. You have to pay attention to features of this or that type of people, to take this into account. During the interview I ask a lot of questions – and not all of them are related to work. The main thing for me is to understand the character of a person, his best sides, motivation. ”

“Alir Express” was awarded with many awards during 14 years of work, and company was recognized as the best enterprise in Ukraine in “Transport and Logistics” industry in February 2019, Irina received Order “Leader of Ukraine” for her personal contribution to social and  economic development country. This recognition was only a consequence of trust of customers, including such large Ukrainian and European companies as well-known Ukrainian and European manufacturers such as Obolon, Carlsberg, Maxima. Secret of such popularity of “Alir Express” is very simple – team of Irina Boyko tries to satisfy all the needs of client, and as a rule, having come to the company for the first time, client will stay with it forever. “We try to complete the task so client is satisfied and does not leave us,” confirms Irina. – We solve issues with bureaucratic procedures, customs documentation and more – we approach to each transportation individually. There are no irresistible problems for our managers – a difficult situation only makes them excited, and they with redoubled energy solve seemingly insoluble problem.” Naturally, attitude towards customers in such a company goes far beyond just working relations. “We treat our clients as friends – with long-term partners we often call back with everyday questions:“ How are you? Children? Dog?”. I think this is normal, there should be just such, human relations, spiritual, – says Irina. – The principle “You are for me – I am for you” is naked commerce, behind which there is no good communication. I love communicating with customers and carriers and enjoy it. For 14 years of work, we have found many friends among our clients and we are always glad to meet new people! ” PE “ALIR EXPRESS” Ukraine, Kiev, st. Avtozavodskaya, 2 Tel .: +38 (044) 5014423; +38 (067) 2350375; +38 (097) 1034082; +38 (067) 4086545 E-mail: http: