Family Atmosphere Inside The Team – What Alir Express Is Proud Of On Its 15th Anniversary

International logistics company Alir Express, one of leading carriers in Ukrainian market, celebrates its 15th birthday. Team is convinced that it would have been impossible to achieve success without unique atmosphere in company, headed by Irina Boyko.

Alir Express is an amazing company, unlike any other, no matter how you look at it. Team, which is recognized leader in Ukrainian market of logistics services during 15 years, bypasses numerous competitors, and calls interest. And when you find out, that backbone of company is made up exclusively of female representatives, interest increases significantly, and surprise and respect are added to it.

How female shoulders (let representatives of gender equality forgive me) in seemingly tough, purely male trucking industry were able to succeed is a question that interests many. And the answer is given by Irina Boyko by herself, director of company, and her employees.

Irina Boyko is not like established stereotype of head of international company, who is imperious and distanced from the team. Employees of “Alir Express” feel like a big friendly family, which is included not only in work, but in participation and human relations. “I treat each employee like a close person,” says Irina. – I am aware of his home business, we all take part if someone has difficulties and needs help, or support.

Irina Boyko has been personally looking for staff, without using services of HR specialists, since founding of company in 2005 and until now. This non-standard approach is also an important component of effective work of “Alir Express” – after all, who, if not a leader with an experienced eye, will be able to recognize inclinations of future highly qualified specialist in unfamiliar applicant!

“First of all, I pay attention to achievements of candidate for vacancy, his attitude to work, whether he likes to work in field of logistics,” says Irina. – I often hire people with zero experience – the main thing is that they share the main values ​​of company: honesty and decency. With 15 years of experience in leadership, a few minutes during interview are enough for me to understand what a person is and how he will work – good or not. ”

Solidarity of team, in which many employees have been working since founding of company, according to Irina Boyko, is the main factor in successful work of Alir Express. This is confirmed by clients, many of whom have also been working with company since its start.

What the most important features applicant should have to work at Alir Express, from the point of view of its leader? “Initial professional competence, his positive social features, getting along with team – I take all this into account when recruiting staff,” says Irina.

But if applicant has passed strict selection of Irina Boyko, he joins friendly family, relations become far beyond working fames, and finds a fair boss, sincere friend and experienced mentor in person of director.

“I am always aware of mood of each employee, I consider it important to have positive attitude to work, enthusiasm and inspiration, I believe that real leader should feel the mood of team and inspire. We have a very friendly team, so we are aware of what is happening with everyone, and everyone is always ready to support each other! ” – Irina opens curtain of inner life of her team.

Needless to say, in such conditions, “green” newcomers without experience, after a short time, become leaders and top managers, who, according to Irina, in case of force majeure, already offer her effective solutions.

Irina Boyko summarizes her attitude towards employees: “I am proud that they believe in me and follow me!”

And the members of “Alir Express” team reciprocate their director.

“We have a cool, friendly and close team, focused on results,” says Ekaterina Kharchenko, chief accountant of company. – Here I had the opportunity to realize my knowledge. I enjoy my work.

Irina for me is an example of personality development, real “Iron Lady” who achieves goals despite obstacles and difficulties. ”

Alena Makarevich came to Alir Express immediately after graduation, without experience, when she was looking for a job in her specialty, and over the years she has grown to the head of logistics department.

“Today we have a super class and friendly team, a real “golden composition”- she says. – In general, a lot of people who came to us without work experience have become top specialists during this time. We parted with some of them due to various circumstances, but we still communicate, because we have a friendly atmosphere.

Of course, our director is the “engine” of company. Irina is a very positive, fair and easy person. She is capable of resolving even, at first glance, the most terrible situation. She always gives push to something new. ”

Natalya Sokhatskaya, customer service manager, also emphasizes friendly atmosphere in team.

“I came to logistics completely pure and grew from zero to competent specialist,” she says. – All that I can now and know is thanks to Irina Boyko. Since at the beginning I was an assistant director, I heard and adopted her manner of communication, values, ability to smooth conflict situation. Principles of work Irina follows are very close to me. I really respect her adherence to principles and firmness in decision-making. And also, among other things, she is a very kind, cheerful and understanding woman. ”

Changing companies on career path is a common thing, but Natalya believes that Alir Express should be the last link on this list.

“When you love your job, your team, you don’t want to think about what is outside of this life. This is the greatest value of company, ”she sums up. And it’s hard to disagree with this.

Tatiana Prus, carrier relations manager, came to Alir Express, already having a negative experience of relationships in working team, and did not expect too much from her new job.

“Thanks to my previous colleagues, I really hated the job,” she remembers. – But when I came to “Alir Express”, I was surprised by friendly and warm atmosphere, well-coordinated work, constant positive. Now we call our team “golden composition”.

And this is the great merit of our director. Irina is leader from capital letter! She inspires, because she believes in her work and burns with it, it captivates. Her goal is not to make more money, but to invest a part of herself into each employee. She is always proud of success of her team.

Do you know a lot of companies that are ready to train from start and be patient with employees’ mistakes? I graduated university with degree in logistics, and did not understand how interesting this profession is. Thanks to Irina and her team, I learned everything about this profession. ”

Marina Ukhovskaya, was looking for a job, passed several interviews in different companies, but after that she stopped in Alir Express.

“After my interview at Alir Express, I didn’t want to look for another place,” she says. I was very inspired by company energy, first of all, by its director Irina Boyko. Irina is a super woman! After interviewing with her, I went home in wonderful mood and hoped to get this job.

She is a wonderful person, a wonderful specialist, who you want to be equal to. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s incredibly comfortable to work with Irina and communicate on themes do not relate to work at all.

You can not describe atmosphere in team with words. It’s great when you go to work with pleasure! I left company for a short time, but today I work in Alir Express again. When you have something to compare with, you understand the value of interesting work in tandem with friendly team. ”

Sincere words of Irina Boyko and her employees are imbued with love to each other – indeed, it gets the impression that Alir Express is friendly and strong family of professionals. This is amazing feature of this company, thanks to it can handle everything.